Products line

What kinds of products can we offer?

We offer development of Raspberry Pi peripherals, be it CM4 or RPI4, or even PICO.

Whether it's a complete machine or a carrier board, we can provide a complete solution.

Some Linux systems or software we are just as good at.

Compute Module Series

With CM4, Raspberry Pi can be widely used as an Industrial IoT solution and achieve goals of Industry 4.0

RPi A/B or Zero

The Raspberry Pi project originally leaned towards the promotion of teaching basic computer science in schools and in developing countries.

PICO Series

PICO is Raspberry Pi's first board based upon a single microcontroller chip; the RP2040

Our Services

Online or offline services

We are a comprehensive team that can provide a wide range of services based on Raspberry Pi and other SBC.


Hardware Design

Provide hardware design based on Raspberry Pi and produce finished products.


Software Development

Provide secondary development of Linux, openWRT and other systems.


Board Development

Especially for the Raspberry Pi CM4, we can provide complete Raspberry Pi carrier board development services.


Feature Definition

Raspberry Pi can be developed with more hidden features as needed.


Product Development

We will also sell our pre-designed complete products directly, which can be used right out of the box.